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In the beginning... lol!

Updated: Sep 21, 2018

In 2012, when I began my massage and bodywork career, I tried starting a blog, but after covering a few topics, I just didn't know what to write about.

Since then,working full time in the industry, and becoming a Yoga instructor, I have had my hands on thousands of bodies, doing massage, bodywork, and Yoga. I have helped and learned from so many.

Starting my massage career at age 36, meant I had many body issues of my own, from so many years of being heavy, not moving much, and being a type 2 diabetic. Since then I have learned through my own experiences and those of my clients, so much about the body, and wellness.

Today, there are so very many topics I want to cover and discuss with people. Our country is in a major health crisis from over-eating, poor food choices and lack of movement.

I want to share my journey of health and wellness, which began around 20 years ago. I want to empower others to take control of their own health care, and help people find the path that took me so many years to find and understand.

I have managed to lose weight, control my diabetes and hyporeactive glycemia 100% through diet, exercise and meditation, completely reverse my excruciating plantar fasciitis that was in both feet, get my eczema under control without regular steroid usage, rehab my body from a grapefruit size tumor that was removed from my thigh in 2015, reduce and control neck pain and thoracic outlet syndrome (arms going completely numb), control my blood pressure though diet and exercise, and figure out the muscular imbalance that was likely created in my body as a 2 year old having hip dysplasia surgery, which I now understand is likely the underlying cause to the early lower lumbar degeneration which has caused me so much pain on a daily basis for the last 2 years, in which western medicine doctors give me no hope but pills, though I have been making great progress in pain reduction in the past few weeks through daily stretching and strengthening.

I hope you enjoy, learn and share, as I share my path of health, wellness and finding happiness.


(The light in me honors and sees the light in you, and the light in you sees and honors the light in me, and together, we are one!)

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