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The Holistic Approach

In our society, we are all about instant gratification. TV shows, news, media, shopping, everything is at our fingertips at a moment's notice or 2 days max ;). We are use to getting things how we want, most of the time, as long as we have the money.

Western medicine is the same way for the most part. We take a pill and usually within minutes, or days, the problem seems to magically disappear. If we are broken, our doctor's fix us, relatively quickly. Even a year of healing and recovery is quick, being that most problems took years or lifetimes to surface and/or create.

Quick and easy, is what we are use to in our healthcare system as well, but as we are all learning, our health system is lacking in preventative medicine and chronic disease management, not to mention professionals that are actually any good at what they "practice". Our pharmaceuticals come with HUGE side effects, that many times are not realized for many years in the future, and the health care protocols are dictated by money, not what the doctor truly believes is the best coarse of action.

Holistic medicine and lifestyle change are usually a much slower process. Occasionally improvement is instantaneous, but chronic problems that took a long time to develop can take a long time to learn to manage/fix/change.

Holistic medicine is about supporting the the whole person, so that the body can heal itself. It is about providing the healing environment, inside and out. It requires lifestyle change. It requires finding your discipline, one small step at a time. It requires patience, and compassion for ourselves and our bodies. It requires seeking professionals outside of our insurance coverage in many instances, understanding that we are INVESTING in our health and future. It requires becoming our own advocate!

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