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Tummy upset? Miracle Tonic!

Can you say Zimarrona (ZeeMarOna) ? That's my new best friend, and my favorite word in Spanish.

For years, I have had a very sensitive digestive system, and it gets very upset with stress. This is what originally brought me to Yoga.

I love to travel, but the destinations I visit are typically not the easiest to get to, and the stresses of travel frequently leave me not feeling so great upon arrival.

In my travels, I am always speaking with local people about health and medicine. There is so much information that we do not have on the internet concerning old world medicine/bush-medicine. I am always on the lookout for information to help heal our bodies.

I was having dinner in Honduras with a very upset stomach. I was feeling incredibly nauseous. The waitress recommended this drink. It was a MIRACLE!

I would love to know why it works, but in the end, after two glasses and several belches, I was feeling amazingly better.

How to make a Zimarrona

12 oz glass

2 limes

1.5-2 T Margarita salt (I will be experimenting with Himalayan Sea Salt)

4 oz Soda Water


  1. Roll the limes around really well, and cut and squeeze them into a large cup/shaker cup.

  2. Mix in the salt

  3. Get a cup with some ice, fill it with about 4 oz soda water, then add the mixture to taste.

It will be very salty, like the ocean. I sipped them down. The first night, I went from so nauseous that I thought I was about to be throwing up, to being able to eat within 20 min. AMAZING!

Let me know how it works for you.

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