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The Sanctuary

Massage is not about the physical place, it is about the the energy in the space.

At Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork, the space is always one of non-judgement, compassion and empathy on all levels... our bodies age differently, they all have different scars, shapes and colors.  Our paths through life range from truly blessed, to long and difficult.

Our sessions are not just on the physical level. Through massage, I will treat your aches and pains, and help to restore blood flow,  but if you are open and ready, you may experience more....

Loving attention is the best medicine that can be offered.  All human beings require intimate contact… Massage provides touch that heals us, soothes us, gives us a chance to rest back for a moment. 


When engaged in truly deep relaxation, specifically, through massage, the reality we normally present ourselves with may begin to melt away a little. Our perceptions of life may change, slightly or profoundly... life may seem more clear, more calm. We may find that we better see how it's all balanced.  And that doesn't even mention the spontaneous celebration when that knot in your neck disappears.


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